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Middle School

At Excel, we recognize Middle School is a time of tremendous growth physically, socially and intellectually. Our 6th-8th graders are immersed in a safe, supportive culture that challenges them with new opportunities to learn about themselves and the ever-changing world around them.  

To ensure students are engaged and encouraged, Excel uses BRAIN based methods of deepening teacher-student interactions, the most important factor of student motivation and success.

Middle School students experience greater autonomy as they make meaningful choices in a supportive environment. Students in middle school learn the importance of setting goals, working collaboratively with peers, and challenging themselves academically, creatively, and spiritually. 




In addition to their core academic subjects, Middle School students enjoy music, art, dance, PE, and library on a weekly basis.

All 6th-8th graders are also encouraged to join one of our competitive Junior Varsity athletic teams such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, Taekwondo, archery, and track and field. 

Middle School students have many opportunities to make choices as they discover talents and shine in the classroom, on the stage, and on the field in preparation for Excel's dynamic high school environment! 

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