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Application for Admissions
Application for Admissions
Family Information:
Please Select All That Apply:

Parents Married

Single Parent

Parents Divorced

Parents Separated

Father Deceased

Mother Deceased

School Notifications Should Be Sent to:





If parents are divorced or separated, is the non-custodial parent to receive a copy of the grade report? 

Are there any restrictions on the non-custodial parent? If yes, please provide a court order.

Financial Responsibility Will Be Assumed By:

Other Family Information



Why have you chosen Excel Christian Academy as an option for your child?

Please write a short paragraph describing what you expect your child to receive from his/her educational experience at Excel.

Tell us about your child's strengths, talents, and special abilities.

Tell us about areas of refinement upon which your child can work to improve.

Does the student have access to research resources such as a computer?

Laptop for middle/high school?

If yes, please describe:

Was the student invited to re-enroll in the previous school? 

If no, please explain:

If registering mid-year, could the student continue at currently enrolled school at time of withdrawal?

Has the student ever repeated or skipped a grade?

If yes, please explain:

Has the student ever been homeschooled? 

If yes, what grades?

Has the student ever been professionally tested or diagnosed with any hearing, vision, speech issues, learning disabilities such as ADD/ADHD or any other? 

If yes, please explain and provide a copy of the report.

Upload File (if possible)

Does the student have any food allergies, medical or drug-related concerns?

Upload File (if possible)

Has the student ever attended a school or program designed for students with specific academic or other needs (such as a program for the gifted, special learning, ESE, etc? 

If yes, please explain.

Upload File (if possible)

Has the student had any disciplinary or emotional problems or been suspended, expelled, or withdrawn from school?

If yes, please explain.

Has the student ever been arrested?

If yes, please explain.

Has the student ever been under the care of a psychologist or psychiatrist?

If yes, please explain.

Please list the names of family members who attend or have attended Excel Christian Academy. Indicate graduation date with an asterisk (*).

Please upload all report card(s), test report(s) 

Upload report cards
Upload Test Reports

Please upload a recent photo of your child.

Upload Photo

 I have given or will give my child's school the release of records form and teacher evaluations.

 I give Excel Christian Academy permission to request records and teacher evaluations from my child's school.

I understand that providing false information in this application is grounds for immediate expulsion.  

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