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K-12 Student "Houses" Build a Caring Community at Excel

Every year, students join a "House" in their division to learn about cultivating a healthy culture of community in which every student is connected and valued. House members play games, meet in small groups, and participate in special activities. Research shows that having a sense of belonging is directly connected to increased performance and success. Read about what Houses look like here at Excel.

The Lower Division kindergartners, first, and second graders gathered in Chapel to celebrate each of their respective "Houses" named for three of the school's core values — Creativity, Generosity, and Diversity. Through engaging and interactive activities, students discovered that understanding and appreciating what it means to be creative, generous, and inclusive helps them form and enjoy positive, respectful, and meaningful relationships in their "House" and beyond.


Third through fifth grade Intermediate Division students collaborated in their "Houses," discussing how their cooperation and leadership can positively contribute to the greater community. Students of Intermediate Houses, also named Creativity, Generosity, and Diversity, discussed how appreciating the different gifts and talents of friends in their own House as well as those in other Houses creates a special culture of acceptance and a welcome sense of belonging for everyone. #weloveHouses #youbelonghere


Middle School's sixth through eighth grade students put a creative spin on their Houses this year, choosing names from the Greek terms "Arete," "Elysian," "Philotimo," and "Diakonos" to represent Excellence, Creativity, Generosity, and Honor. Working cooperatively, students participated in team games and friendly House competitions that boosted both individual and team confidence. Students learned to acknowledge their own unique value and to appreciate the contributions of others in all the Houses of their community.


High School Houses adopted an adventurous "Hunger Games" themed approach this year and divided into three Districts, each representing two of Excel Christian Academy's six core values: District I, Creativity & Generosity; District II, Honor & Diversity; and District III, Growth & Excellence. The ninth through twelfth grade students shared what it means to have a sense of belonging and ways to ensure their House is a place where everyone feels included. They discussed with teachers and classmates the importance of establishing a grounded identity in Christ both as an individual and as a member of one body. Each District celebrated the significance of their discoveries in friendly competitions, putting these values in action.

We believe that creating an inclusive school culture at Excel Christian Academy, wherein each student feels a deep sense of belonging to a greater community and an abiding appreciation and respect for others, equips the students with the confidence and skills they need for lifelong spiritual, social, and academic success.


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