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We continue to follow state and local CDC health regulations and guidelines. 

In accordance with Gov. DeSantis and FLDOE - parents will have the authority to regulate their children's mask wearing.  Students and staff will have the option to wear a mask.  

Parents who want their child to be masked on campus are responsible for providing that mask and a back up mask to be kept in the classroom in case their child loses their mask.  It is not the school's responsibility to provide masks for your child should you require them to wear a mask.

HIPPA prevents us from sharing medical information about our staff or students.  It is a private decision for those who choose to vaccinate.  Please honor the medical privacy of our staff.

We will continue to use social distancing tools such as our screen shields and student proximity.

We are fully open for on site learning.  Students who participate in the Florida School Choice option (SUFS, AAA, McKay, Gardiner, HOPE etc) will be be REQUIRED to be on site per the FLDOE policy.

We are continuing to use technology and online platforms such as Google Classroom, Learning City, BJU Teacher Tools, RAZ Kids, and more to provide home to school engagement.  If we do need to quarantine - we will have a seamless transition.  

We will continue to follow CDC guidelines if COVID exposure occurs and will quarantine as needed. 


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