Back-to-School at Excel

 Preparing to Reopen
August 24, 2020


We have missed you! We're looking forward to seeing and reconnecting with our students and families soon.


To meet all our families' needs, we are preparing for a safe and healthy return to school on-campus as well as for remote learning. Please be sure to take the survey to let us know which option you will need for your child! 

Our back-to-school start date is August 24. Please note: our on-site option continues to be contingent upon local and state governance. 


Will my child be required to wear a mask all day? Is the school providing masks or face shields?

No. We are requiring masks only during times where social distancing is challenging such as walking in line, walking to classrooms or other designated areas (as they may pass someone else), cooperative learning situations where they need to talk to another student, working closely with their teacher, etc.
At this time, we are asking all children to come with their own masks to school. We have purchased face shields and when those are available, your child may select to wear the face shield.

Will my child be required to have their temperature taken before entering school each day?  Will you be checking temperatures at other times during the day?

Yes, they will be required to be fever-free and must have temp checked to enter the building. Additionally, we will be checking temperatures throughout the day or if symptoms present themselves during the day, temperature will be checked. A temperature of above 99 degrees will require your child to be picked up from school, and the student must be fever free to return to school.

Will I be able to walk my child to class each day?

No. Parents will drop off your student(s) in the car line each day.

I selected remote learning but want the option to change. When I wish to change, can I send my child to school even though I selected remote?

No. Once you select remote learning you will need to stay remote until the "all return date" commences. **We are hopeful that Sept. 8 we can all return to campus.

I selected remote learning until Sept. 8; however, if I am uncomfortable sending my child after Sept. 8, can I keep them home to learn remotely?

Yes. We will be sending another survey out at the end of August to check return status of students.

I selected on-site learning, but if I am uncomfortable with my child being on campus, can I move them to remote learning?

Yes. You can always have the remote option. The on-site option is more limited as we are working to keep numbers low in classrooms for on-campus learning.

If I choose remote learning, can I pick up my child(ren)'s meals each day?

Yes. Our breakfast, lunch, and snack program will continue, and each day you pick up the lunch, that day's snack, and the next day's breakfast will be included. A pick-up schedule will be issued at Orientation.

Will my child need to wear their uniform to school since we are dealing with COVID-19?

Yes, uniforms are still required for on-site learning. Remote learning will require a dress code -but not uniforms.

Do I have to complete the survey to start school?

Yes, we need to know what you plan for your child(ren). We need to know names of students taking advantage of remote as well as on-site learning so that we can plan. We also need to know names of students needing a learning device for remote learning.

Will my child's teacher be able to heat up food for my child if my child brings lunch?

No. Staff are not permitted at this time to touch a student's lunch. Please pack items that can be eaten without assistance. Thermos items are great because they stay hot or cold.

Will my child be sharing school supplies with others?

No. Each child will have their own supply tub. That is why we requested the plastic pencil box so that supplies can be used on an individual use basis. Once we are clear of the pandemic, we can resume our team sharing - but not now.

Will After-Care be provided at this time?

No, but we hope to resume After-Care on October 1, 2020. Due to social distancing requirements and needing to keep populations in cohorts, we cannot offer our After-Care program at this time. Please help us by taking our After-Care survey here. Your answers will allow us to better plan and provide excellent service.

What if we have a positive COVID-19 test among teachers or students?

We will follow CDC guidelines for containing the spread of the virus, disinfecting the potentially infected area, clearing the area of concern. If the CDC recommendation is total school 10-14 day quarantine, we will follow their guidance.

What symptoms should we be concerned about? Can my child come to school if they have the sniffles?

We are watching for symptoms provided by the CDC guidelines:


All K-12th grade students' supply list

Purchase these items along with the items from your child's grade level: Plastic pencil case NIV or NLRV Bible Page protectors 1 pack 24 colored pencils
Girls: Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer Boys: Disinfectant spray and tissues


2 blue plastic folders 1” binder scissors 2 zipper pouches White Eraser Pocket dividers 3 spiral notebooks 2 coloring books

1st Grade

Seat pouch 3 spiral notebooks Scissors

2nd Grade

4 - spiral notebooks (2 red, 2 green) 2 - 1” white binders (with clear cover) Boys: 1 pack of cardstock Girls: 1 pack of colored paper

3rd Grade

3 Pronged folders (red, green, yellow)

4th Grade

Large index cards

5th Grade

Ziploc bags (quart & gallon) Scissors 1.5”-2” black binder (with clear cover) Plastic/metal pencil box 3 spiral notebooks (yellow, red, blue)

Middle School

24 pack of crayons Scissors Folder with prongs 3” white binder 8ct tab dividers Zipper pouch TI-3OX IIS Scientific calculator Paper towels

High School

3x5 index cards Ziploc bags (quart) 1 pack white cardstock 1 pack colored cardstock Scissors Zipper pouch Graph paper 3” Binder White paper Construction paper Protractor & Compass (9th only)

After-care will be available starting Oct. 5. Please help us plan by taking our After-Care Survey here.