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Upper School Science

Excel Values


Respect is earned  ~ honor is given. Students show honor by listening respectfully to others' opinions and by willlingly helping classmates and teachers, and through this practice, they learn to honor  themselves.


When we know and respect that we are all God's children from different backgrounds,  and of different races and ethnicities, we stand for equality. And together, we celebrate diversity. 


A creative mindset allows for truly transformative learning. On the stage and in the classroom, when students are encouraged to express themselves, question, explore, and imagine new possibilites, they become confident, innovative thinkers. 


To be in constant pursuit of our highest quality of work and the highest level integrity is rooted in our culture and our name ~ to excel to do and be our best. To strive for excellence.

"Alone we can do little; together we can do so much."   
            ~ Helen Keller 
Students give of their time, gifts, talents, and spirit to learn how to be valued contributors of a greater community.


"Becoming is better than being." ~ Carol Dweck      Our brains are hardwired for growth. When we learn from, even embrace our mistakes, we are open to new possibilities for ourselves. We break barriers and adapt a life changing and lifelong mindset of growth. 

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